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In the meantime, we have been “in business” for over 20 years, have witnessed a number of developments, accompanied trends and realised “crazy” ideas, so that we can certainly not claim to be completely wrong: We are your specialist for aquaristics and the construction of aquariums.

One could perhaps believe that with this experience we have already experienced everything and would rest on the fruits of our labour.

But we are still curious to develop new ideas and share them with our customers. It’s fun to see when designs take shape. To feel joy when you look into the shining eyes of satisfied customers. And to have the good feeling of being recommended to others.

Of course, this also means the willingness and fun to face the constant technical developments, be it in the field of filter technology, pump technology or lighting.

Bachmann Aquaristic Centre

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  • Kai Bachmann

    Kai Bachmann
  • AquaristikCenter Lounge

    Lounge im Aaquaristikcenter
  • Large seawater plant

  • Aquaristic accessories

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  • salesroom

  • salesroom